For media inquiries, please contact:

Veronica Richardson, Founder

The New You Institute

Email: veronica@TheNewYouInstitute.com

Phone: 757-218-8615

P.O. Box 9283|Hampton, VA 23670


Veronica Richardson has been featured, interviewed and requested to provide her expertise in numerous media outlets, including The Happy Black Woman Podcast – featuring Rosetta Thurman. She is a instructor within Sister’s Elevating Success Institute.  Veronia is a regular speaker on Bringing Light To Life. She has offered her knowledge at local women’s conferences and broadcasts. Speaking Topics Follow Personal Growth, Self-Awareness, Rediscovery, Empowerment and Personal Development.


Check out Veronica’s candid Happy Black Woman Podcast:

HBW042: Veronica Richardson: Guiding Women to the Life They Truly Desire


“Today’s guest on Happy Black Woman is a valued member of the HBW inner circle, Veronica Richardson. Veronica is on a mission to guide women who are in transition from broken relationships, failed attempts, and stagnant mindsets to a place of self-discovery in creating the life they truly desire. In this chat with Rosetta, Veronica shares her passion for the work that she does and what led her to discover her true purpose in life. She is inspiringly open about her journey and the “why” behind the work she does today through her business The New You Institute ( A Renewed Mind). Veronica helps women embrace their true selves and life an authentic life.”

Her Works Include:

Sister’s Elevating Success Telesummit –

Bringing Light To Life – www.hiphophighlights.com

Be Your Own Art: Health, Wellness & Fitness Seminar

As I See It – BlogTalkRadio.com

She is a an alum of The Happy Black Woman Mastermind.

Want Veronica as a guest on your online radio show, podcast or webinar? Need A Speaker for Your Event?


If you host an online show, podcast or webinar, or are planning a live event, Veronica would be honored to be a guest on your program. She can even supply you with pre-written topics to assist you with the direction of the broadcast.

Most Popular Speaking Platforms:


Reclaim Your Life – 6 Steps To Getting Back To Who You Were Before Life Happened

Show The World Who You Really Are 

Rediscover The Woman Within – Take ACTION Towards Your BEST Life

Email us at veronica@thenewyouinstitute.com or call us at (757) 218-8615 with a brief overview of your speaking opportunity.








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