They Say “I Have It ALL,” So Why Doesn’t It Feel Like It?

I picked up this book in Mexico the other day.


paulo c


My mentor Rosetta Thurman introduced me to him with her generous gift at our last live event in DC so I knew it would be a good read for my extensive layover.

Reading the first pages I felt like someone had been recording my life. This fiction work is so close to my own life and what I want my clients to discover through working with A Renewed Mind.

“They say you have it all, so why does it feel like something is missing in your life?”



Does this sound like you?


Everything happens for a reason, including my decision to invest in myself by joining The Blogging School, coming to DC, joining the Inner Circle Mentorship program and being open to receiving support from those who were put into my life.


What’s happening in your life (right now) that is the catalyst to your Next Best Step?


Perhaps it’s to take some time and invest in yourself.  Reading this novel was so on point.  As women we always put others first, while wearing a smile.  But are you secretly questioning –

“Is this all there is to life?”

“Am I missing something?”

 “Could I be more fulfilled?”

If you want clarity and direction I offer my support.  My #1 tip to really having it ALL is to figure out what you want and make sure you include “it” into your life.  Not just once in a blue moon, but often enough to feel alive.  Do it often enough that “it” is no longer something you miss but something you DO.

I seek to empower you to find what is missing in your life, create a plan and live out loud, unapologetically.

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