The Reason I Blog


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Have you ever wondered what motivates some people to do the exact thing that everyone else is “talking about” doing?  The world of blogging is new to me as a writer but I have pondered the idea for years.  It has the ability to reach vast amounts of people to spread the word about my coaching agency, A Renewed Mind.  However, being able to share my story and provide the inspiration for another woman to live her best life is the reason I stepped into this new world.

My own journey to self-actualization came after a failed marriage and the realization that I had not been living my life authentically.  I don’t mean in the new trend of being “real” as a brand.  No I mean being true to the woman I saw every day in the mirror but passed by without any consideration for what she was missing out on.  See by me living my life the way I thought others wanted or better yet, expected of me, the real Veronica didn’t have a chance to shine through.  Sure I still held my core values, but the part of me that wanted to show the world her gifts, wanted to experience happiness again, wanted to be unapologetic…she wasn’t allowed to show up.  When I started blogging, I took my own tips and tricks to print in an effort to help others.

What I realized by blogging was I still wasn’t being true to myself because I shared the tips that I had used to create the life I wanted and to live in my best, but I was still afraid to be brutally honest about where the inspiration came from.  As of today, I still haven’t shared all of my story through blogging.  But I continue to blog to find my own courage, to walk in the direction unique to my life, and to help other women find the same.  We all are a work in progress.  My commitment to my own development and this blog are testament to my progression.  I love the life I am creating for myself and blogging keeps my connected to my purpose and the women who I was created to serve.

You’re always welcome to join the movement and Live Life By Your OWN Design.

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What have you been wanting to start but haven’t done so?  Comment below and let’s talk about it.