Discover Your Fierce Life -

6 Weeks To Self-(Re)Discovery 

 This 6 week self-study course will help you to: rediscover the woman you were before life happened, position yourself as a priority in your OWN life & create the experiences you desire.  
  1. ​Realize what is missing in your life 
  2. Create a balanced A.C.T.I.O.N plan &
  3. Implement the strategies to experience the life you desire

This is for you if...

  • You have ever questioned “what else” or said “there has to be more to life than this"
  •  You are currently feeling stuck in your life, job or relationship
  • You are wondering what is your next BEST step to return to who you were before LIFE happened
  • You are ready to examine and conquer the obstacles that are hindering your personal and/or professional growth

The course is delivered in:

  • 6 Content Rich CourseWork modules delivered to your email in the form of videos & handouts weekly
  • Bonus: Complimentary (Post) 30 Minute Discovery Call to help you with strategizing your next best steps. 



There's no better time than the present to start working on yourself and envisioning the life you desire. This prework is the perfect opportunity for you to explore what you want and to start seeing yourself as the head of your life.

Breaking The Myths & Exploring What You're Missing. We've all fallen at times into the role of servers and forgotten how to ask for what we want or show up for ourself. This week we tackle the myths that keep us from verbalizing and executing our desires. We finalize this week with exploring what we are missing out on in the key areas of our lives by NOT being in the equation.

Week 1: Achievement Focused
Week 2: Change Direction​

Permission Granted. Learn the steps to consistently getting what you want by giving yourself permission. No longer will you focus on what others' think or let the fear of change hold you from having what you want and being who you were born to be.

Week 3: Take Responsibility
Week 4: ​Invoke Higher Standards

Take A.C.T.I.O.N. Start implementing. You will leave this week with strategies and steps to put yourself and your needs first. Adding yourself to the equation is a must to be a centered woman, loving partner, attentive parent, and efficient professional.

Week 5: Overcome Limitations
Week 6: Navigate The Life You Want​