I used to hate when people said I had changed as if I had done something wrong.  Life is about learning and growing, not staying in the same lifestyle that you’ve always been accustomed to. Why would you be upset with someone who is bettering themselves? Is it because what you see as better does not center around them? I encourage you to change every day that you’re alive. Do something better. If you know more you do more. If you know better you should do better.  In examining myself and finding personal growth I have learned to accept that not everyone wants for you what you want for yourself. Those who say that they love you, love you the best way they can. However, they may not always be as supportive as you need them to be.  Continue to work towards your own desires and know that what God means for you is for you. Your mindset is the only limitation. Change. Grow. Renew.  #RenewingMyself