Just Peace And Happiness

Happy Monday!  I am feeling great today as I sit in front of my laptop, working and jamming to Guy, Babyface, Jodeci, and Biggie (just to name a few).


Happy in the sun... I'm a beach kinda girl.

Happy in the sun… I’m a beach kinda girl.


Have you ever been listening to music and find yourself feeling like you’re in another place?  No sadness, no stress…just peace and happiness.


That’s where I am today, just happy.


My 36th birthday is saturday and as it approaches I am finally at peace with 3/19.


My birthday is also the anniversary of my marriage ending as my ex and I ended our relationship on the morning of my 31st birthday.  I always believed God was playing a cosmic joke on me.


For the last 5 years I have gone from a person who was bitter and going through the motions to a woman who accepts and loves where God has taken her.


It isn’t easy to wake up on your birthday every year with the reminder that someone who was supposed to love you forever didn’t know how.  But it made me question if I knew how to love me.


“Did he learn to mistreat me by what I presented?”


The statement that “we teach people how to treat us” is true.  I was so numb from the loss of my grandmother (who remains the closest person to me) that I never gave love a real chance.


But NOW, I have done my soul searching and am ready for all year 36 has to offer.  I love me, I love those who love me BUT I also am able to love those who couldn’t love me the right way.



ML 3 (1)


I practiced an activity over the weekend in which I closed my eyes and imagined how it would feel to release all of the unforgiveness, hurt and confusion I have been carrying on my shoulders.  When I opened my eyes I felt lighter.  I hit the reset button on my life in 2011 and I am happy with that decision.


Now I have my hands open to recieve the gifts God is ready to bless me with.  As I dance in my kitchen to the music that is stirring my soul, I thought of you and hope you are ready to recieve what is meant for you.


It’s never too late to Start Over.  Hit the reset button and go after the life you want.  You deserve it.


Are you ready to hit the reset button?


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Until next time,