If You Could Be Free

The question “what does freedom mean to you?” was presented to me today. It made me stop to think. Is my freedom tied to what others expect or want from me? Is it wrapped around what I think they want? What should your freedom mean? After hearing the person’s argument I was convinced. My freedom should revolve around what I want and what makes me happy. How much of our lives is entangled with the wants of others? Freedom to me means being able to experience financial freedom, location independence and a career that allows for both. But everything requires A.C.T.I.O.N. Am I willing to reduce my debts, sell my junk to pay those debts, stop creating new debts and learn how to amass freedom through passive income streams? I’m trying. My mission as a life coach and founder of A Renewed Mind is to empower women to live their best life while doing the same in my own. So I am utilizing my own strategies to create the life I want. You can as well. My efforts are here to help you achieve the same level of success I am creating for myself.

In the relationship department I have been single for almost five years. But I hadn’t really been free because I always carried the concern for my ex’s feelings. Would he be upset or hurt by any new relationship I entered? Silly, I know. While working on me and utilizing the coaching tools I present to others, I realized I was allowing someone else control (although he may not have been aware of having it) over my decisions. It affected how I thought about relationships, the way I spoke about the future and how closed off I presented to anyone who dared approach me with interest. But by recognizing my own stagnating mindset, I have allowed myself to be admired and adored without feeling like something negative was waiting in the shadows. Did you know you can talk yourself out of something good? I’ve definitely learned to be open and allow what will happen to happen.

It is my hope that my business will continue to prosper and help women to reach their goals while I reach mine. I said that 2015 would be a season of doing. I believe I am walking in that truth. Of course I could be doing more. But I am happy with who this woman is today and open to every opportunity and person that is meant for me at this time. That is how I’m embracing being free.



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