How to Maintain a Success Mentality – 3 Ways to Win Before You Start


I am delayed in posting because my amazing guest blogger, Jaribu Chitunda of Insightful Revelations touched my direction with this post.  In reviewing her work I had to think about my own inspiration for sharing my views with you. I’ve been both overjoyed and unmotivated in this journey.  I didn’t want to give you anything that would not set you on the path of Renewal.  But I found myself being inconsistent with my blogging and development of A Renewed Mind.  How could that be when my focus is on helping YOU live your best life by creating a plan and taking A.C.T.I.O.N.  Well after reading Jaribu’s post I realized something,  I’m human and things happen to knock you off track.  But in being human I am also resilient and able to learn from my own choices (there are no mistakes just teaching moments created by our choices) and be a better Coach for you.  I thank Jaribu for her insight and wisdom but most of all I thank her for writing the right words for this time in my own journey.  She’s amazing. I asked her to choose her own topic to share and it ended up being a word for ME.  Be sure to visit her site


How to Maintain a Success Mentality – 3 Ways to Win Before You Start


Have you ever found yourself extremely excited and overjoyed about the decision to take on a new endeavor? Whether it’s a big project, a change in career, a new relationship or quitting a bad habit, yet at a lost when the unpredictable shows up and before you know it WHAM, you’re in a slump and you’re thinking, “What in the world happened? Everything was going great!”

Far too often we rely solely on that great feeling to carry us through to the next level.

In order to sustain success, in any undertaking, it is crucial that a great feeling be undergirded with sound strategies to ground you for the inevitable. Yes, I know the average person does not want to think about what could happen, but in this case, predicting what could happen will actually empower you. Let me explain how.

We largely focus on the external problems that arise, though the external things are what we have the least control over. However, the internal, everything that has to do with you, how you think, how you respond or react, how you recover and comeback, is the most important aspect to focus on. In essence you have all the information you need about the key player. You know better than anybody, at minimum, what your main strengths and weakness are. Self observation of these internal aspects is the key. Put yourself in the mind of a coach of a sports team, watching closely, every move the other team makes, noting there missteps, strengths and clever tactics and then creating strategies based on their observations. That is what you must do for you.

YOU are the key player. Regardless of what external circumstances arise, you are the prize possession that must be shored up at all times. If you are properly shored up, you will withstand any challenge that arises. So suit up with the right armor!

3 Ways to Win Before You Start


1) Identify your Achilles Heel

  • What are the habits that trip you up and cause you to spiral into a negative or limiting mindset when faced with a challenge?

  • List them (i.e. negative self talk, internalizing yours or other people’s fears, becoming easily distracted by things unrelated to your goals)

  • Identifying this will help you be on the lookout for signs that a limiting behavior is creeping up.


2) Identify your strengths

  • What are the things that bring you back to your center, your strongest mental state, where you feel calm, clear and ready to take action again?

  • List these activities (i.e. humor, affirmations, prayer, meditation, speaking with a positive friend)

  • Knowing ahead of time exactly how you will counteract your Achilles heel will keep you ahead of the usual snowball effect of bad emotions, that put you in a slump.


3) Create a consistent routine

  • Don’t wait for the storm to come. Prepare in advance.

  • The re-centering activities you’ve identified in step two. Use it as a foundation to ground you. Begin your day with it, use it before entering a stressful or demanding situation as well as using it to come back from a limiting mindset.

  • Creating a routine of this nature will result in great habits that in turn become second nature. You will gradually feel more fearless when challenges arise because you are more equipped to handle them.

If you take a proactive position before beginning an endeavor you will succeed and win every time regardless of the outcome, as your mindset and attitude will be strong enough to help you make the best next decisions for yourself!


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