How Fear Has Kept Me From Moving Forward

I am always honest with you about what I want to see happen in my life and the lives of those I have reached.  Today I want to clue you in on the honest look I have had to take.


The premise of A Renewed Mind has always been rooted in helping women create and live a life they truly love, full of everything their minds can dream up.


But a conversation with a friend and some quiet time alone has helped me to realize just how out of touch I have been with my own message.






I am NOT a risk taker. I am an overthinker – true to my Pisces sign. 🙂 Some cannot understand why I don’t move as fast or react as quickly as others.  I like safe and I like control.  What I can’t control, I don’t trust…easily.  Neither have panned out in my favor but I still have to be sure, sure & more sure before I make a move.


I know you can relate because you’re in this forum looking for help to Start Over.


Honestly, fear of things not working out the way I want them to have kept me from moving forward.


The truth is, I have become comfortably uncomfortable in my station in life.

I know what I want and don’t want, but have accepted the discomfort in not aggressively going after “it.”



Fear of failing in my quest to help you, fear of being single for longer than I desire, fear of causing pain to others, fear of the unknown and a little fear of how I would handle unlimited success have all kept me in a space of self-doubt, constant planning and mental conflict.


Is any of this sounding similar to your life?


See, I pride myself on being the woman that my mother raised, the person that my client’s/friends/family/co-workers need and the mother that my son deserves.


But, I sometimes forget that I need to be true to the essence of who I am, outside of everything they need me to be.


Therefore, I have gotten back on the “wagon” to make sure I live up to the same expectations I have of you; to live life with YOU as a priority instead of an afterthought.  That means I have to start implementing/taking action in my own life (again).


I am able to show up as the best coach for you on this journey because I have done it myself.


I have been utilizing my 10-minute challenge every day to brainstorm what I really want (and not what others want for me), to create my A.C.T.I.O.N plan and start to implementing.  What I have found is that fear is a defense mechanism that is only here to keep me safe. But safety won’t allow for me to surpass my comfort zone.


The desire to know what else is waiting for me is motivation to Start Over and Move Forward.


What is your desire for your own life?

Is fear keeping you hostage as it has me?

Are your desires being suppressed by the fear of it not working out?

Try the 10-minute challenge for yourself and see how clear you can become.  What is the challenge?  I’m glad you asked.  Take 10 minutes of solitude to free write about what you desire for your life in the next year.


“Where do you want to live? Work? What does your relationship look like with self? Others? How do you feel?”


It’s that simple.  Let your brain guide you before life and the outside world have a chance to take over.


Need support in the next best steps after the 10-minute challenge?  Let’s chat.