How Are You SHOWing UP?

​Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!!!


Today women all across the world are celebrating and being celebrated for social, economic, political and cultural achievement.  I believe we all have something amazing to offer to this world. That alone should be celebrated.


So I say to you. “You are great.”


                         “You deserve the best.”


                         “You’re worth the effort.”


Every morning my son and I start the day with our theme songs.  Mine is Mary, Mary “Go Get it.”



 His is Aloe Blacc “The Man.”




 It’s so important to walk throughout each day feeling empowered and knowing how great you are.  “You are great.”  Do you believe that?  Is this your truth?  It wasn’t always mine.


Today as I think about all the women across the world who aren’t being allowed the opportunity to shine and share their greatness with the world, I feel I owe it to them (and those who paved the way) to SHOW UP.


The shrinking violet in the corner, living life for everyone else while secretly “thinking of a master plan”  needs to continue to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT!


When I began my Starting Over journey it was because I was fed up with hiding who I am behind who I thought people needed me to be.  Now, I am a work in progress who is comfortable being me.


My #1 Tip for you to SHOW UP is to Go Boldly into every aspect of your life and make *ish happen.  Don’t be afraid of the process, what people will say or the outcome.  Be bold in aspiring towards what ideal is for you and the life you desire.  No one is holding you back from your dreams other than the fixed mindset you may currently have.


Are you looking for comfort in being who you truly are?  If you’re ready to Start Over and live life by your own design, I want to be your support.  Join the movement of women who are taking A.C.T.I.O.N.  Have what you want TODAY because tomorrow isn’t promised.



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Until next time,