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Our community strives to empower, inspire and motivate women who feel stuck in their lives and want to experience more.   The ability to create change starts with our mindset & the decision to act. 

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"You have permission to WANT MORE, EXPERIENCE MORE, & ENJOY MORE in your life."

I know you're skeptical & doubt that life can really change from "what it is" to what you "want it to be."


I'm sure you're wondering if this tool can really help you to have more, as it promises. 

So, indulge me in these questions. I'm Coach Veronica, Founder of The New You Institute (.com) & I've been the biggest skeptic! But things changed when my prospective changed. So....

-Do you feel underwhelmed with life because you can't see yourself in it?

-Have you lost focus on what is important to you?

-Are you neglecting your own needs/desires?

-Are you ready to experience what "living for me" feels like?

If you answered yes to even ONE of those questions I would say this tool is for you.  It was created to help you (and myself) discover what is missing in your life and to design a focused A.C.T.I.O.N plan to add those experiences back into the equation. 

Don't waste anymore time in doubt, fear or procrastination when what you want is waiting on you to move! 

I can attest to the outcome of going after what you want as it's something I have done and still do.  It may take time but you'll only get closer to your dreams and dream life if you start.  So why not start now?  

In this workbook you will find a rinse and repeat formula to help you map out every direction of your life - at every stage. Included is:

​A 14 page actionable workbook & BONUS 3 part audio support, to help you determine your wants and the next best steps to get there. 

A rinse & repeat formula to map out your life - at every stage. 

Support and guidance to get more out of life.

See what some of our ladies have to say:

This is the best advice that I’ve had. The powerful words make me feel empowered to go out and achieve more. Rochelle


Very inspirational. I think we all struggle with finding the balance. May your words continue to encourage and guide us all. 


This is great! I constantly self-assess because I do want to live a great life and be happy. It’s amazing what we find Veronica, this is wonderful! You sound great and your message is spot on! necessary.


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