“Ease On Down” – What I learned about Reinvention from The Wiz Live



Have you ever caught yourself saying “This can’t be life” in your Jay- Z voice?  Well let me tell you how wrong you are.  Watching The Wiz Live tonight, I reflect on the greatness in this new and improved version of the classic.  Did you watch it?  If you did, you know what I mean.  So how does that apply to living in your BEST?  It’s the foundation of my A.C.T.I.O.N plan which directs us to take charge in creating the life we desire.  See, you don’t have to be a different person to be the BEST version of you.


The Wiz Live has the exact same storyline as the original.  However, the relevancy to a new audience is where the change appears.  We have the power to make adjustments to the direction of our goals in pursuit of what makes us happy.  What makes you happy?  Is it the freedom to travel the world? To work when/where/how you want, or is it in having a more balanced life?  For me it is all of the above.  Even when others couldn’t understand the need to recreate a classic, The Wiz Live production carried on.  Such is with life. Even when others can’t understand the reason for my need to travel the world, to create a business that allows me the freedom to be in attendance on my son’s field trips, or my desire to love on me and treat myself better, I continue with the development of Veronica’s Best.


This version of me is happy and self-assured and it shows.  Just as The Wiz Live turned up the glitz, I have turned up the glitz in my own life.  The saying “Anything is possible” is only true if you define your anything and go after it.   Are you going after your “Anything?”  Will your life be like The Wiz Live, A BETTER version of who you are now?


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