Dream Team – My Top 4 Empowering Women in Coaching

Everyone needs their own personal dream team to help them in their quest for greatness. My top choices are women who have success stories that I can believe in which makes the information they share much more relevant. What qualities should you look for in your dream team line up? Honesty, perseverance, and commitment. Each of these ladies on my team will share their successes and their losses to help you on your own journey. That to me is priceless because mistakes happen and obstacles are always appearing. But staying the course and continuation are the keys to reaching your goals. These women did not give up on themselves and have carved out very successful businesses within their niche. So that goes to show there is room for all of us to create our own space and see success. They are also committed to their own business model. They are walking brands. Each of my Dream Team ladies have helped to guide my path and grow my business by the platforms they have made available to the masses. These ladies are the cream of the crop and their business success show it. If you want a Dream Team that will shape your business while shifting your mind set, incorporate my key players onto your starting line up. You will be surprised how much you can learn from the right people.

My Dream Team


LaShanda Henry – www.sistasense.com

Stacy Pierce –  www.lifecoach2women.com

Jai Stone – www.jaistone.com

Rosetta Thurman  – www.HappyBlackWoman.com.

So, who’s on your Dream Team? Don’t have one? Be sure to add myself and my dream team ladies as you begin to take control and live life by your own design. Follow me @ www.facebook.com/AsISeeItToday



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