Are You Really Ready To Start Over?




It rained here today and forced me to stay inside. But tonight I write this to you from my patio where the rain has cooled the heat and helped me to relax.

It reminded me of this, “life comes with adverse moments but if you desire a shift, it will come.”

Prepare for the reset. Even when the rain is holding you hostage, use the moment to plan your next best steps.

I appreciate the rain today because it gave me time to slow down and more importantly it gave me time to focus on me.

We say we want change, to start a new chapter in life & love, but have we truly prepared for it? Here are some quick tips to assist you in the journey to adding yourself back into the equation:

*Listen to your inner voice.

*Remember- You are granted a blank canvas every minute of every day. Paint the life you truly desire, unapologetically.

*Take ACTION daily that moves you forward.

BONUS: Let go of what no longer serves you. You have my permission.

I invite you to join the movement of women Starting Over. Click here to schedule your FREE 30 minute Strategy Call with me.  Let me guide you in living, instead of mearly existing.