Am I the last one to see Girls Trip? Takeaways of Coach V.



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I went to see the movie Girls Trip. I am months behind because everyone was on it and going to see it when it first came out, making it a very successful movie. That’s is great for black women.  But for me I wasn’t motivated to see it. Timing and babysitting and all of those things kept  it  from working in my schedule. So last night I had free time ,no child. So, I decided to go see the movie Girls Trip. Let me tell you! That was the best motivational movie for black women that I could see in this time frame.

The reason why I say that is because for me personally there were so many elements of each character that I could connect with. From Ryan being the successful entrepreneur, who looked like she had it all and even talked about and taught people how to have it all.  However, on the inside and behind closed doors was struggling to try to keep it together and figure it out. Really realizing that having it all was not working for her and that when you when you release that and you let it go and you’re really willing to accept that having happiness and having what you want doesn’t have to fit into anybody’s box, it can shift and change.

It was so amazing to see, at the end of the movie, how things shifted for her.

She found the happiness that comes from really being true, honoring yourself and being open to the journey that you’ve taken to get there. Then you have the other characters like Dina who’s you know a firecracker!  It really showed that there are people who get counted out but are definitely ride or die type of people who  have good intentions and pure hearts.  You need those type of people in your life and in your circle.  You also at some point need to be that person who is fearless, right?

To see that fearlessness and that go-getter, by any means necessary type of attitude, regardless to how it was portrayed in the movie, is something that we all need to have a little bit of as well.

And then we go down to Lisa and being the mom figure who lost her way and became only concerned with nurturing others as opposed to really loving and nurturing herself.  She remembered how to get the things that she needed to be a whole balanced person.

Then going to, Sasha (I say Sabrina in the audio but you know who I mean. 🙂 )  You think you had it all together.  You’re trying to hold it all together. It’s similar to Ryan, but you’re hiding certain things from people that they’re aware of.  But then the realization comes that you know you have to be true to where you are and you have to really be ok with giving up when things aren’t working the way that they should.  This is the only way you can regroup and create what really will work for you.

Watching that movie last night and seeing women together, having fun, going out  and doing the things that they truly desire for themselves reminded me that we all want to find our way and be happy in it.  Right?

I remember one part where Ryan was saying” you remember when life used to be this easy?” She was talking in regard to a guy and your desire to be with the guy or not it, was just that simple you like him or you don’t.

My question is, “Do you like the way your life is going or naw?”  Because at the end of the day, it is our choice to accept or change what we do not like.

Life is just a series of choices. You can choose however you want that life to look. So you choose whether you want to leave that job or stay at the job.  Every day that you make a choice, every day that you don’t make a choice, it’s all still the same. It’s all still you making a choice that the life that you’re living is either ok or it needs some change, some differences and some new opportunities. And so when you choose to say you know I’m a product of this environment ,I’m a product of this relationship. I can’t leave this job because my bills are x y z.

You know I can’t move because my kids, I can’t do this I can’t do that. The main takeaway that I have from that movie was you can either choose to complain or you can choose to make some decisions and take action and do something about it. Right?

We’re always going to be in a space where it’s not perfect. It’s not everything that we desire. But life is beautiful and you have the opportunity to go out every day and look up and say I want something different today. I want a new experience today. And so for me, I’ve definitely been saying that I wanted new experiences I wanted adult male attention. I wanted phone calls and dates and I wanted it to be with who I would want to hang out, share my time with and to grow my business.

I want freedom and ease in my life. I want peace in my house.  I want it to be clean and organized and modern and just all together.  When you think about it, regardless to whether you have that today or not, how much effort  can you put into your own life to make it what you want?

Do you know how many opportunities there are in your own life for you to make it what you want ? I mean it’s just amazing when we look at all of the opportunities and all the possibilities that are here that we pass by because we don’t believe that we can achieve those things. We don’t believe that it’s going to happen for us.  That fear keeps us in the space of stagnation.

I walked away from that theater feeling very empowered from a movie. I walked away feeling like there’s no reason why you aren’t doing the things that you want to do. There’s absolutely no reason why you’re not your own Ryan, right? Or you’re not your own Sasha Fierce, or whoever you want to be. There’s absolutely no reason why you’re not the best version of that you that you can be today. Your life experiences have given you permission to be great.  We should be evolving into the person that we want to be, everyday, while loving who we are now.

It’s very powerful to know that you control the direction of all of your life . Just by making that one phone call, just by making that one investment in yourself, just by making that one shift in your mindset, you control the complete direction of your life.  I know that we’ve all heard it all before. We’ve had our motivational speakers and we’ve had our workshops that we’ve attended. We’ve attended churches and everybody has told us that we have the power and God gave us strength and those abilities.

But what I want you to take away from this, from one woman who has been working on discovering herself to another,  is that there is not one damn thing in this world that you are not worthy of having.

It comes down to whether you desire it and whether you put the action behind it to go get it. Right?

So, just know that it does not matter what it looks like today.  It doesn’t matter what it feels like today. What we need to focus on is how happy we are with what we do have and  how grateful we are with who we do have in our lives. Consider the opportunities that are around us. If they’re not there create the damn opportunity and make it your own. Take life by the horns so to speak and go after making life your own.

If you want that job go do what it takes to get that job.  If you want that man, put yourself out there for that man. Do the things that you need to do if you want to feel better about yourself. Take the workout class, eat better, eat less, whatever you need to do. Know that it’s going to take some action but it damn sure is worth doing. So that’s my take away from watching that movie and being inspired when I walked out of that theater.

You don’t have to start with much. It doesn’t have to be a lot. It doesn’t have to be that you hop a flight every weekend. But what it does mean is that you take the time to give yourself the inspiration and the motivation to continue on in creating a life that you truly desire for yourself.  Know that you can do it. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen because you put the action behind it. You didn’t just leave your plans in a notebook or in a journal. (Because haven’t we all done that?!)  You actually started to save the money to travel, you started to work out to lose the weight and you change your diet.

You reached out to those people that you always wanted to be connected to. You went out to those networking events and those motivational groups. You were at a happy hour to meet a man and you put yourself out there. Watch the universe work.

Be in the space of taking action to do what you need to do for yourself.  I’ve been doing a lot of manifesting lately. Being in a space of “I am”  has been affirming.  What I say to myself I can call in to my life.  The same goes for you.

It’s not about timing of when it’s going to happen. It’s about being in action and continuing to make it happen. Everything that you do brings you closer to what you desire for yourself, closer to the life you desire ,the business you desire, the career you desire, the man you desire, or the partner you desire and whatever else you want.

Stop talking about what is not and make what you want a reality by taking the action. Know that when you desire for something the whole entire universe is conspiring to give it to you.

That’s the biggest takeaway that I can give you and you’ll notice that in your life when you start to open up your mind and shift your mind set to a more affirmed mindset that you remain in a growth state. I’m always evolving. I’m always growing and I’m always creating what I want, and everything that I desire is always coming to me.  And yes there are aspects of our life that we don’t control but we definitely have control over the decisions that we make. We have control over the direction that we go.  And we have control over the things that we don’t take action in.  So I want us to stay in action ladies, just like Ryan, Dina, Lisa and Sasha. All four of those characters is really a combination of one.  It’s a combination of all areas of our lives as women. There are parts of our lives that are not the way we wanted it to be and we just need to hone in on making our lives and our dreams the reality that we desire. So be every single one of them and go after what it is that you truly desire for yourself!!!!

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