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Veronica Richardson MS, CLC, Founder of A Renewed Mind, is an expert in the field of coaching and counseling. Both her personal and professional experiences lend themselves to her delivery.  A Renewed Mind comes from a place of self-discovery for founder, Veronica Richardson.  After experiencing a separation, being forced into single parenthood and allowing herself to accept that she was unsatisfied, she discovered that being true to your own desires is the only way to be FREE. A life of pseudo-happiness, bitterness, confusion and resentment became normal.  However, as her personal growth story evolved, so did A Renewed Mind.  “My main goal has been to guide other women who are in transition from broken relationships, failed attempts and stagnant mindsets to a place of self-discovery and learning to take A.C.T.I.O.N in creating the life and business they truly desire.”  “I’ve been the wife and mother and for years played my part as the side chick. In both situations I thought I was happy. I have no regrets because every moment helped strengthen me and bring me to the realization of what happiness really is.” “I now go BOLDLY after all this life has to offer, unapologetically.”

My Message To You:

“There is no goal that is too hard to reach. Whatever you can envision for yourself, you can have. Do you believe that? The only limitation to that is your own mindset and the A.C.T.I.O.N that you take to make those dreams happen.” Veronica uses her own personal experiences to bring truth and perspective in guiding the lives of women who seek to transition from mental bondage into FREEDOM. She is both personable and professional, allowing you to learn and grow with someone you can trust. She is passionate about helping women recognize their potential to live their lives by their own design. She is the friend that everyone calls to clarify which direction they should take when tough issues arise.

Prior to becoming certified life coach, Veronica earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Old Dominion University and her Master’s Degree in Study of Human Behaviors from Capella University. Professionally, she has served as an Adult Protective Investigator, Mental Health Counselor, In Home Counselor and Therapeutic Day Counselor (School Based) as well as a Social Worker.

Veronica loves to travel and has created a life that allows her to visit a new island every summer.  She is a foodie, loving all things food related.  She enjoys a good book, time with family and friends and a good glass of Moscato.   

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