Getting My Butt In Gear!

Hi ladies,

I hope things are going well for you.  I’m still on a high after traveling to Hawaii to work with my mastermind group and our mentor, Rosetta Thurman.  I’m sure you know her as the Happy Black Woman.  I know her as the person who’s helping me realize my truth and be comfortable with accepting that there are people in our lives to support our journey.  (I’m growing with you).

In my leisure, I read an article that made me think about how we as women, shifting direction in our lives, can support our own growth.  I pulled my top 10 tips from the article, “22 Things You Need to Start Doing  For Yourself in Your 30s” written by Macy Williams.  I am implementing this things into my own life to find more balance between personal and professional.  Is there any that you need to start doing?




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Go to more happy hours.

Spend money on travel.

Make working out a priority, even just walking.

Get your debt managed.

Drink water! Your face will show it if you don’t.

Set boundaries with your personal relationships — speak up when something bothers you.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Never compare yourself to others.

Make time for massage.

Love yourself by making choices that move towards your goal.



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