5 Ways to Overcome Your Fears & Live Your BEST Life



I spent a lovely afternoon with my accountability partner and the question of the origin of A Renewed Mind came up.  It’s so interesting how comfortable you can be when you’re talking about something you love.  My desire to help others in creating the life they envision starts with me working to do the same. In my early 30’s I began to feel stuck and concerned about the direction of my life.  I did what was considered “Right” by going to college, getting married and starting a family.  But with a career, husband and child, I felt unfulfilled.

“Have you every stepped back from your busy life and wondered what the purpose really was?”  “Did the fear of change, fear of what others might think or the fear of the unknown scare you?”

That was me.  So I began to use the same techniques I use with my own clients to discover my purpose. I learned that once I got over my own fear, the possibilities became clearer. In the video below I’m giving you the tea, 5 Ways to Overcome Your Fears & Live Your BEST Life will help you shift your mindset. Get comfortable as we grow together.  We are all overcoming our fears and creating the life we desire.


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