3 Keys To Make The Impossible Possible

How close are you to your dream?

Can you envision the life you really want to be living?

 Is it so close you can almost touch it?

Or have you stopped dreaming?


A New Year is approaching and it’s always at this time of year that we talk about what we want to see happen.  But I’ll be honest with you.  There are still numerous things on last year’s resolution list that crossed into 2016 and still haven’t been accomplished.  Why is that?

I never believed I could have it.  That’s right.

It seemed impossible to have my own successful business so I didn’t give it 100%.  I didn’t think I would have the relationship I wanted so I closed myself off. I didn’t believe I could really live my life the way I imagined in my own head so I lived the life I had.

But you know what, I created that life!


You created the life you are in with every choice you did (and did not) make.

Once I realized that I was free to create any version of life, I  planned to have what I wanted.   But, planning is EASY!  Action is hard.  I avoid change like it’s the plague.  🙂

But nothing will come from confusion and a lack of action.

In the new year, I plan to implement the following 3 Keys To Make The Impossible Possible in my own life.

I encourage you to do the same.

It’s time to get off the sidelines of our own lives and start being in control.


1. Start The Day By Asking “What Do I Need Today To Show Up As The Woman I Want To Be?”


This is a practice that I started after an emotional (but freeing) session with my Life Harmony Coach, Precious Bivings.  She helped be to recognize that it’s ok to be selfish and focused on what I need.  It does not take away from how you serve others but instead allows for the best version of you to show up.   Before I do anything for anyone else, I ask myself what I need and I give it.  It varies from needing a day in bed watching old TV shows, to needing to schedule a massage or to asking for help because I’m overwhelmed.   When you begin to ask yourself this question, allow yourself permission to indulge in what you need.  (Tonight it’s listening to Ledisi as I write this to you.)


2. Experience Something New.


The saying “You have to do something different if you want something different” sums this one up.  We are so good at lying to ourselves and pretending.  If you categorize your life as “fine” you need new experiences.   It doesn’t have to be anything big. Today I tried a new entrée when I went to lunch.  Guess what?  I loved it.  The point is, by trying something new I am opening myself up to try in other areas.  Give yourself the opportunity to experience what life has to offer, one entrée at a time. If you believe you deserve the life you want, you have to start living as if it already exist.  Treat yourself like to royalty you are.  You wouldn’t neglect the queen, right?


3. Close The Doors That No Longer Serve You.



It is hard to walk away and leave behind what is comfortable.  That job is never going to be as fulfilling as being your own boss.  The relationship will never improve or surface if you hold on to what once was. You know you can’t find what you want until you move onto the other side.  I have struggled with this myself.  The plan is to take action towards what you want, TODAY, so next year is a year of manifestation.


Bonus.  Let The Real You Shine Through.


There are very few people who have had the pleasure of meeting the real Veronica.  Don’t diminish your light because you believe someone else isn’t capable of handling how bright it is. (or maybe you’ve been afraid of your own light)   Wouldn’t it be great to let people see the talents and growth you possess?  Here’s a secret-the want to know who you are.

If you’re ready to be supported in implementing these 3 keys to start living the life you want, Click Here and let’s chat.  I’d love to help you start enjoying life again.